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lacieldellery's Journal

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1776, 4400, alan rickman, american revolution, ancient britain, ancient civilizations, ancient history, artemis, arthurian legend, arthurian studies, athena, avalon, barricade boys, black death, books, bread baking, broadway, byzantine empire, byzantium, c.s. lewis, canterbury tales, caroline stevermer, cats, changing rooms, charles dickens, charlotte bronte, childrens literature, classic literature, classical mythology, classics, constantinople, crocheting, crown duel, da vinci code, dark ages, darkover, demeter, diana wynne jones, eastern roman empire, eleanor of aquitaine, england, english history, enjolras, europe, european history, f. scott fitzgerald, fall of rome, fantasy, feudalism, fire and hemlock, french revolution, french revolutions, garb, garth nix, george r. r. martin, george rr martin, greek mythology, haldir, harry potter, heat of the sun, high middle ages, historical fantasy, historical fiction, history, history major, hospitallers, hundred years war, ioan gruffudd, jane eyre, javert, jk rowling, john william waterhouse, king arthur, knights templar, knitting, kushiel, later roman empire, legends, les mis, les miserables, les misérables, les miz, libraries, literature, lois mcmaster bujold, london, lord of the rings, lotr, louis xiv, marion zimmer bradley, medieval, medieval history, medieval studies, merovingians, middle ages, miss saigon, mists of avalon, mordred, morgaine le fey, musical theater, musical theatre, musicals, mythology, myths, nineteenth century literature, pamela dean, paris, peter abelard, philip quast, politics, pre-raphaelite art, prydain, rachael ray, reading, religion, ren faires, renaissance, renaissance faires, renfaire, revolutionaries, revolutions, richard iii, roleplaying, romanticism, scarlet pimpernel, sci-fi, science fiction, secret societies, shakespeare, sherwood smith, stravaganza, talleyrand, tam lin, tam-lin, tamora pierce, the french revolution, the scarlet pimpernel, uk, vegetarian cooking, victorian era, wars of the roses, west end, writing